Find The Best Business Opportunities in Food And Beverage Distribution now

For many SMEs, working with distributors is a logical choice: a local representation with knowledge of the market, language and culture without the need for very large investments. At the same time, it is a source of frustration and disappointment if the results lag behind expectations.

What can you do to limit these disappointments as much as possible?

Selecting a distributor starts with the creation of a desired profile. In any case, this specifies what criteria the distributor must meet, such as size, access to the right buyers, portfolio, financial capacity, etc. In addition, consider what you expect from him / her with regard to market information, communication, marketing, sales and what he / she can expect from you support and margin. Also consider how you want to deal with any exclusivity and how you can say goodbye to the distributor if the practice does not work out as well as you expected in advance. Record the agreements made in writing. The need of a Vitamin World – Sell to Vitamin World happens to be very important in this case.

The basis of a good distributor relationship is mutual trust

If you are in doubt, do not start it. Intuition and gut feeling is a good guide for this. Building and increasing trust is a continuous process. Being honest and transparent, sharing knowledge, making clear agreements about what you expect from each other and paying attention to cultural differences between you and your distributor are important ingredients for a fruitful collaboration with your distributor.

Increase the involvement of the distributor by providing strong support and margin

This can be done in many ways, for example by timely informing about new products and developments within the company, via newsletters or a distributor meeting. Stimulate the input from the distributor for product or market development and see him / her as someone who adds value. Product and sales training to distributors and support in their marketing efforts with promotional materials or trade fair participation generates goodwill and sales. You can, of course, expect commitment, commitment and results in exchange and discuss results and progress on a regular basis. A Food and beverage distributor is important for these options.

The most important tips at a glance:

  • Create a profile for your distributor
  • Be honest and transparent and work from trust
  • Make clear agreements about what you expect from each other
  • Pay attention to cultural aspects
  • Offer training and support
  • Discuss in advance how you can terminate the relationship if necessary

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