Solutions That Are Ready for Your Requirement for De-addiction

The use of narcotic drugs leads to the poisoning of all internal organs, the disintegration of the harmonious work of internal organs and human systems, as well as to the destruction of the psyche. The only procedure that will slightly ease this symptomatology is detoxification. Its essence consists in cleansing the body of toxins and products of drug decay. It is administered intravenously, and the duration of the procedure is from several hours to several days. This fact depends on the severity of the disease and the prescription period for the use of psychoactive substances.

The Narcological Center organizes detoxification of drug addicts in Rostov-on-Don at home and in a hospital. Obligatory aspects that will be taken into account during the conduct are the sobriety of the patient at the time of the procedure, as well as the control of the patient during the period of cleansing.

Do not know how to persuade someone close to begin treatment?

Types of detoxification of drug dependence

Apparatus detoxification

  • Purification of the body by natural means, using a hike in the bath or active sports.
  • Detoxification with medicines and saline solutions, which are injected into the body with the help of droppers and injections. This kind will allow a few hours to release blood from the products of drug decay.
  • UBOD – ultra – fast opioid detoxification, which is performed under general anesthesia and is completely painless for the patient. Suitable only for drug addicts from opioid varieties of drugs.
  • Hardware – It is carried out with the help of special equipment that passes the patient’s blood through special filters and cleans it.

How do we cure?

  • Diagnosing the current state
  • Passage of individual treatment plan
  • Removing the symptoms of the disease
  • Rehabilitation course

Types of detoxification of drug addicts

In the event that a dependent person refuses from psychoactive substances, it leads to a breakdown, which causes severe pain throughout the body. Such a period for a person can be dangerous, and therefore requires special medical control by specialists who can provide the necessary urgent narcological assistance to drug addicts.

The Narcological Center uses only proven and effective varieties of drug addiction detoxification. All of them easily and quickly rid the patient of unpleasant sensations and discomfort. The use of orange county rehab is effective there.

The widely used method of ultrafast detoxification, known for its painlessness and speed of carrying out, is only applied when opioid addicts who use codeine, heroin, and opium are referred to the clinic.

Detoxification in Rostov-on-Don at home

For patients who need urgent drug treatment, we have a detoxification service for a drug addict at home. Order it simply. To do this, you need to call the center and agree on the arrival of the narcologist at the house anonymously. A primary examination by a specialist will help give him the necessary information about the state of the drug addict. If the narcologist discovers contraindications, then detoxification may be carried out only in special hospital conditions.

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