What is Insulin and How to Inject It?

Different types of hormones are produced in the human body. Insulin is a peptide hormone and secreted by the pancreas. This hormone is responsible for regulating metabolism of carbohydrates as well as fat in the body.  This hormone promotes the synthesis of protein and utilizes glucose in a proper way. Individuals who suffer from the insulin disorder like diabetes mellitus, insulinoma, metabolic syndrome and other ill health conditions nowadays   require a proper injection of insulin.

Know about insulin in detail

The best elements of the insulin can volumize every cell. An anabolic effect of the insulin encourages well experienced bodybuilders to use it. Every user of insulin can increase their endurance and stamina further. They are happy to get the maximum enhancement in their muscles due to the stimulation of the glycogen formation required for feeding muscles all through the workout. Insulin is also used to prevent the muscle protein breakdown and support individuals bulk up with muscles without negative side effects.

Many visitors to the reputable website unfinishedman.com/ nowadays get the complete guidance to know about insulin usage and benefits. Every experienced insulin user injects insulin three times a day soon after they awaken, mid-day and workout.  They prefer and recommend a total of fifteen to forty five IUs. The three main categories of Insulin used by individuals worldwide in recent times are as follows.


  • Humalin N
  • Humalin R
  • Humalog


High-glycemic index foods

This is worthwhile to use these insulin items at different times and days all through the bulking cycle. You can inject it in the form of intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous as per your requirements. Abdomen is one of the most common insulin injection sites.  This is advisable to consume the following high-glycemic index foods for preventing too low blood sugar level.

  • Honey
  • Jelly beans
  • Glucose tablets
  • Maltose
  • Dates

You may wish to find out the reliable platform to be aware of various aspects of the insulin at this time.

Benefits of insulin in bodybuilding

Many individuals misunderstand that insulin is only used to treat diabetes problem. Insulin hormone properly drives glucose out of the bloodstream into cells. Insulin is more than a hormone used to control the glucose. Highly anabolic nature of the insulin is recommended by well experienced bodybuilders who make certain about how to be physically powerful.


As a beginner to the insulin, you have to understand both benefits and drawbacks of insulin. An improper use of the insulin does not fail to increase the fat storage. Experts in the insulin usage for bodybuilding only are aware about how to spike insulin and successfully recover from workouts. They stay lean because they properly use insulin.

How to use insulin

In general, insulin is a protein released by the pancreas every time you eat foods rich in protein, carbohydrates or both. A protein is the physical building block of muscle. However, insulin is a functional protein.  This protein is similar to the growth hormone in different aspects.

Insulin is made of an array of amino acids strung together. This protein chain acts like a signaling mechanism instead of a building block. Insulin enters the blood stream from the pancreas and travels to other tissues in particular muscle tissues.

The overall dosage of the insulin recommended by regular users and healthcare professionals throughout the world in recent times is 1 IU per 10 to 20 pounds of lean body weight. This is advisable to gradually increase the insulin dosage from 1 to 4 IU in each training session.

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